About General Amalgamated Engineering

General Amalgamated Engineering is a South African black owned company, established as an Engineering services and spares supplies company. General Amalgamated Engineering products mainly cover mechanical, civil construction, structural and electro-mechanical engineering services. The company was formed in 2004, is positioning itself to represent the interest of the South African clients through providing engineering services of high standard, technical backup and support through the authority obtained from suppliers and the internal skills of our management and employees. It has a strong bias with strong local manufacture product support although we do cover imported products as well. We have a relationship with suppliers whose we service and distribute to also suite our service needs to our clients. General Amalgamated Engineering has also been involved in exports of mining and industrial engineering products as well as supplying labour and back up services in some instances.

Core Of Business

With the combined 15 years mechanical, structural and industry and civil engineering experience, from design to fruition of ideas, the management has vast experience also involving other associated partners in the engineering business field. General Amalgamated Engineering represents and participates in engineering design, modifications, alterations engineering resources management, marketing and technical backup of the world leading engineering products and services in partnership with the client and suppliers.